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2-3 page paper that explains the difference in steps used to build a dynamic and functional model as each relates to object-oriented modeling.

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Paper contains Proper APA format + 2 references + 3 Full page.
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First of all we all got to know about the terms involved in this. At first we got  to know about the object. We live in the cut throat competitive world of objects. Some of these objects exist in nature, some in man-made entities, some objects are in business, and some of them are in the products that we use in our daily life cycle. These objects can be categorized, may also be described, organized, combined, manipulated and can also be created. Therefore, an object-oriented view has come into picture/view by all for the creation of extravagant computer software.

Dynamic Model is also quiet similar to that of Objects. It is another approach to system development. By the name only it is suggested and propounded that develops the system dynamically. This is a method that is independent of tools, in that it can be used with both structured analysis and design approach or even with the object-oriented approach.

The Dynamic System is really dynamic as it is a Rapid Application Development method that uses incremental prototyping. This method is particularly useful for the systems to be developed in short time span and where the requirements cannot be frozen at the start of the application building.

At first an object-oriented approach to the development of software was proposed in late 1960s. Object-Oriented development specially requires that object-oriented techniques must be used during the analysis, and implementation of the system. This special methodology asks the analyst to determine or find what the certainty of objects of the system is

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