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1.      Explain when EACH stage of Tuckman's Stages began in the movie. Describe the actions of the team members. At what point in the movie, did the stage begin? Who said or did what to let you know that the stage began? Go through EACH stage starting with "forming" CITE SPECIFIC SCENES OR CHARACTER LINES. How did you reach your conclusion?

2.      Based on the Member Roles (group task, group maintenance and self-centered), choose three (3) different characters. Which character played a task role; which character played a maintenence role; and which character played a self-centered role? Choose three DIFFERENT CHARACTERS...One character (man) per role. State the role he played and give an example from the movie to prove your answer. x played the task role of an initiator because... Y played the maintenance role of an energizer because I noticed him during the scene.. Z was the self-centered role of a clown because..

3.      Who had communication apprehension in the movie? Who had the least? Justify your answers by citing specific people and scenes from the movie.

4.      Based on Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, pick two characters from the movie who have opposite preferences. First, name one of the four categories, (i.e. extrovert/introvert, sensor/intuitive, etc.) Then tell me who the TWOmen are and why they are opposites based on their behaviors in the movie.

5.      Give an example of primary tension and an example of secondary tension form the movie. REMEMBER: Primary and Secondary Tension in the TEAM, not in ONE person. The uneasiness in a person is communication apprehension. CA can lead the team to have PT or ST.

6.      What types of leadership power did the two aforementioned least effective leaders have?

7.      What types of leadership power did the two aforementioned effective leaders have? Explain

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