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8. Which type of group was portrayed in the movie? How could you tell? (the attachment will help answer this question).



10. Name two of the most effective leaders and why were they effective? Justify your opinion. CITE EXAMPLES OF HOW THESE CHARACTERS INTERACTED. Based on your knowledge of \"Strategies of an Effective Leader, \"what made them good leaders? What did they say and/or do to make you think they were good leaders? 




11. Name two of the least effective leaders based on the \"strategies of an effective leader.\" Explain your opinions by citing specific instances from the movie and prove they were ineffective. Make sure that you list two leaders and not men who were just team members! You have to first prove they were in fact leaders by citing HOW they were leaders based on leadership material from the textbook. What leader characteristics did they have according to the book? During the movie, when did you notice these? (see attachment). 


12. Which character could you most identify with and why? 


 13. If you had been the designated or emergent leader of the group, what would you have done differently to solve the interpersonal conflict? What \"Strategies\" would you have used? (see attachment)

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