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Electronic Commerce

The global transition from the analogue era to the digital era has brought along significant transformation. The introduction and use of the internet have made the world to be like a small village. This wave of migration from analogue to digital has seen the major field of different disciplines embraced the use of technology today. Commerce, being a major player in the field of trade and marketing has not lagged behind. The application of technology in this field resulted in the inception of Electronic commerce (e-commerce). E-commerce involves all the business activities that use the internet technologies. In general; e-commerce can be referred to as the sales aspect of e-business.

Business to consumer ecommerce is the practice of a large number of buyers purchasing goods or services from a small number of sellers. It is considered to be the second largest division of ecommerce. It is probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about ecommerce. There are many different facets of business to consumer ecommerce. First, there is the most obvious: electronic storefronts and malls. These are businesses such as Amazon,