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Initial Public Offerings Paper

Many giant corporations seek the opportunity to make their companies grow, such as merging or acquisitions from another company.  There is one thing a company can do in order to grow their company that is to make an Initial Public Offering. Companies like Facebook, Apple, or Microsoft at one point in the beginning have stepped into the stock market by their IPO's.  These steps are what it takes to raise capital and what roles help the company begin an IPO.

An investment banker is a person who is employed by a financial institution and is in the business mainly for boosting capital for companies, government, individuals or other entities. An investment banker sometimes works in a department within the bank and is involved with the above mentioned activities. Investment bankers can also arrange assistance to their clients such as financial advice on acquisitions, mergers, particular transactions, or even reorganization financial advice (Investopedia, 2014). An underwriter is an entity tha