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I visited Bangladesh for the first time since I immigrated to USA, and this visit rewarded me with a truly memorable experience. I got the opportunity to intern at Rishilpi, an NGO in a rural village in Satkhira that focuses on the needs of disabled children and general welfare of the rural community. I spent my 20 hrs working in various departments of Rishilpi; assisting the physiotherapists in their consultations with the children, volunteering at the office of the doctor, organizing community and institute based awareness sessions about early signs and proper care of disabilities, travelling with the nurses to attend traditional birth attendant trainings, visiting the homes of many disabled children with the teachers to follow up treatment and most importantly spending time with the children, whether by tutoring some to catch up with their classmates in the mainstream schools or just by fixing the DVD player so that everyone could watch Spiderman. It was an incredible opportunity to learn about the current treatments available for the physically disabled, as well as to be a part of the activities to address this issue as a society.

The hours were exhausting as I ran around frantically throughout the working hours. There were cardboards to be cut for APT chairs, stretching exercises to be done with the children, banners to be made for the seminars held throughout Satkhira, and countless other activities. There were new discove