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My paper will basically summarize the movie Glory and I will relate a few characters to the Aristotle, Epictetus, and Saint Augustine on character, dignity, and self-respect. Aristotle: ethics based on personal virtue. Epictetus: ethics based on inner strength of the individual. Saint Augustine: ethics based on following a Divine Command.

Glory is based on a true story about the first formal unit of the US Army during the Civil War. This unit was to be solely made up of African American men and was told through the viewpoint of Robert Shaw who was injured in a war and later promoted to Colonel of this unit. They became known as the first colored troops and were known for their actions taken at Fort Wagner.

Character is mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual. In our text (Sommers & Sommers (2013) According to Aristotle things of any variety have a characteristic function that they are properly used to perform. A happy person will exhibit a personality balanced between reasons and desires with moderation characterizing all. Virtue is