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An information system is a systematic structure which is formed by the organization according to its convenience for the handling of the information. There are many elements which work together in the process of collecting, storing and processing of the data. A computer is physical equipment used in the MIS or in other words it is the hardware involved in the information system. The data which is mainly raw facts is not of any use so the data has to be processed the computer programs hence help in the processing of the raw data in order to make it useful for the organization

The computer programs are the technological components of an information system. If the people of the organization have proper knowledge of the programs only then they will be able to process the information effectively in the organization.


The organization and its information system are inseparable. The organization is very much dependent on its information system. Whenever there is a change in the strategies, or the policies in the organization the information system also goes through a drastic change in the organization. The organizations present and future progress fully depends on the present a future functioning of its information system. Before the information systems affected only a small part of the organization i.e. some of the operational or the technical issues but at present the information systems affect the major part of the organization such as the decision making, strategy information, the products of the organization, the structure of the organization etc. Each and every part of the business is connected with its information system any change in the information system will affect the organization similarly any change in the organization will affect its information system.


ORGANISATION: In some of the organizations an information system is a major part of the organization. The information systems are a part of the organization only in some organizations which deal with financial services in such organizations the information system is the organization

MANAGEMENT: The management is another dimension of an information system. The information system assists the Managers to take necessary decisions. The information system provides the managers with the tools to plan allocate and control work within the organization.

TECHNOLOGY: The technology is one of the most important dimensions of an information system. The technology is what that helps the organization to have an updated information system in the organization which can cope up with the day to day changes happening in the business environment.


There are many types of systems in the organization according to the different processes in the organization the various systems are Transaction processing system, decision support system, office system, knowledge work system.

Transaction processing system: The transaction processing system involves all the activities which are related to the ordering, order taking, and order tracking. The order processing, trading of the securities etc. The transaction processing system helps in systematically carrying out all the above mentioned activities in the organization.

Knowledge work system: A knowledge work system helps in connecting the different dimensions of knowledge within the organization. The knowledge work systems combine the Engineering department, the managerial department, the Human resource department etc the knowledge work system helps in combining different dimensions of the organization and to effectively complete the work by integrating the knowledge from all levels.

Management information system: As seen before the management information system provides the manager with essential assistance. The MIS provides the managers with information relations to the sales management, the inventory control, the decision support system the management level provides the management with the analytical models and the data analysis tools which would help in the semi structured and unstructured decision making activities.

Executive support system: The executive support system provides the assistance to the management at a very higher spectrum. It helps the management with the functions such as the sales trend forecasting, budget forecasting, personnel planning etc. so the executive support system helps the management to make decisions in these key areas.

The process by one system acts as a base for the activity that has to be carried by the other system in the organization. The decision support system and the executive support system