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MATH 533 Course Project


AJ Davis, a large department store chain, has enlisted my company to help them find out more about their customers who shop using credit. A sample of 50 credit customers was selected based on five variables which included location, income, size, years, and credit balance.

Location (Rural, Urban, Suburban)

Income (in $1,000s)

Size (Household Size)

Years (Number of Years That the Customer Has Lived in the Current Location)

Credit Balance (The Customers Current Credit Card Balance on the Store’s Credit Card)

We will take a look at three different variables at this time.


The location variable has three subcategories which include rural, urban, and suburban. This variable is looking at where customers live.

A pie chart is a circular graph which divides information into sections based on numerical proportions.

Frequency distribution tables allow us to look at variables and their frequencies (or how many times the variables occur).

Frequency Distribution