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1. (TCO C) Sam wants to buy a washing machine and is looking for something that is modestly priced. When he goes to make the purchase, he finds there are two options that meet his requirements. One is an IFB Bosch product, while the other is a newly imported South Korean brand. Adam is not very familiar with the latter and does not hesitate in choosing Bosch. This example implies that ________. (Points : 6) the imported brand will not survive the competition from Bosch Bosch has a positive customer brand equity the South Korean company has a low advertising budget the imported brand is unreliable the Bosch washing machine has better features than the imported brand Question 2.2. (TCO C) The notion of the "four Ps" in the traditional "marketing-mix" concept may not adequately describe modern marketing programs. ________ is about mixing and matching marketing activities to maximize their individual and collective effects. (Points : 6) Personalized marketing Mass customization Globalized marketing Relationship marketing Integrated marketing Question 3.3. (TCO H) When the total market expands, the ________ usually gains the most. (Points : 6) market challenger market leader market follower market nicher market entrant Question 4.4. (TCO H) ________ defense involves occupying the most desirable market space in the minds of the consumers and making the brand almost impregnable. (Points : 6) Position Flank Preemptive Mobile Contraction Question 5.5. (TCO H) The five product levels constitute a ________. At each level more customer value is added. (Points : 6) product line business model customer value-hierarchy value grid demand chain Question 6.6. (TCO H) Moving ________ carries risks. The new brand can cannibalize core brand sales and lower the core brand's quality image. (Points : 6) up-market two ways one way down-market out-market Question 7.7. (TCO H) Which of the following is a characteristic of a service? (Points : 6) It is essentially tangible. It does not result in the ownership of anything. Its production is majorly tied to a physical product. Services are typically produced and consumed at different times. A client's presence is not required for rendering a service. Question 8.8. (TCO H) Which of the following will help a service provider overcome the limits imposed by the inseparability of services? (Points : 6) using differential pricing working with larger customer groups providing complementary services concentrating on physical evidence and presentation standardizing the service process Question 9.9. (TCO D) An appliance company that is plagued with overcapacity, intense competition, or changing wants would do better if it pursues ________ as its major objective.(Points : 6) market skimming product-quality leadership survival profit maximization market penetration Question 10.10. (TCO D) Starbucks, Aveda, and Mercedes Benz have been able to position themselves within their categories by combining quality, luxury, and premium prices with an intensely loyal customer base. These companies are employing a ________ strategy. (Points : 6) market-skimming market-penetration survival market share maximization product-quality leadership
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