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Advertising and Integrated Brand

Promotion in Business and Society

1. An ad for Ford Motor Company promotes the manufacturer’s “commitment” to designing cleaner, more fuel-efficient vehicles.  This ad is an example of

A. primary demand stimulation.

B. selective demand stimulation.

C. symbolic value.

D. corporate advertising.


2. Despite the fact that prices for Lego bricks have remained the same and “copycat” products are now available to consumers, sales of Lego products remain strong. This phenomenon is known as

A. internal positioning.

B. external positioning.

C. inelasticity of demand.

D. market augmentation.

3. An informative, nationwide television promotion about drunk-driving accidents is considered a public service announcement rather than an advertisement because the promotion

A. isn’t a print ad.

B. doesn’t air on the radio.

C. isn’t paid for by a client.

D. doesn’t target a specific audience.


4. A wholesale distributor of gardening products is considered a part of the _______

target audience category.

A. household consumer C. professional

B. business organization D. trade channel


5. McDonald’s Corporation helps Tony, a local franchise operator in a small town, with the

cost of advertising. This relationship is known as _______ advertising.

A. national C. cooperative

B. regional D. global


6. ABC Television promotes the network through traditional media advertisements as well

as Internet promotions and souvenir products. This type of marketing is known as

A. integrated marketing communication.

B. premium advertising.

C. bundled specialty communication.

D. cooperative advertising.


7. Joe Bradley, a professional football player for the Miami Dolphins, isn’t permitted to

endorse beer in a television commercial. The governmental agency that issued this

ruling is known as the

A. Food and Drug Administration.

B. Federal Trade Commission.

C. Federal Communications Commission.

D. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.


8. The wife of a doctor on the T.V. show House gives him a Porsche for his birthday.

This type of promotion is called

A. differentiation. C. branded entertainment.

B. consumer-generated content. D. product assignation.


9. Rob, an employee of Gregory Advertising Agency, creates graphic images for print ads.

He works in the _______ department of the agency.

A. account management C. media buying

B. administrative services D. creative


10. Arabic Agency provides concepts and artistic services to its clients. This type of agency

is known as a/an

A. creative boutique. C. interactive corporation.

B. cooperative firm. D. in-house agency.


11. Aaron is a self-employed Web page designer. He often completes contract work for ad

agencies to help with specific ad campaigns. Aaron is known as a/an

A. account executive. C. direct market executive.

B. external facilitator. D. media supervisor.


12. Laundry detergents are similar in formula and cost. Advertisers use _______ to help

create uniqueness of one brand in the minds of consumers.

A. positioning C. inelasticity of scale

B. differentiation D. direct response advertising


13. The Domino logo on a package of sugar illustrates

A. branding.

B. retailer distribution.

C. wholesale packaging.

D. approval by the Food and Drug Administration.


14. A producer of children’s cartoons is accused of placing hidden messages about a new

kind of doll throughout the program. This technique is called

A. clandestine branding. C. subliminal advertising.

B. consumerism. D. interactive programming.


15. The most fundamental ethical issue in advertising is

A. deception. C. offensiveness.

B. subliminal messaging. D. materialism.


16. Safety features for new car models are compared each year. This information would

most likely be compiled by the

A. Federal Trade Commission.

B. Consumers Union.

C. National Advertising Review Board.

D. Food and Drug Administration.


17. A 30-minute food program shows the quality of a countertop grill. Viewers phone in

during the program to praise the product. This type of show is called a/an _______ program

A. interactive media C. integrated

B. infomercial D. value-priced


18. Which of the following statements is incorrect?

A. Primary demand for alcohol isn’t created by advertising.

B. The special-interest group Action For Children’s Television created the Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative.

C. The use of puffery is perfectly legal.

D. Comparison advertising is perfectly legal.


19. The Federal Trade Commission rules that an ad for a hair-loss product is deceptive.  The company ceases airing commercials for the product but doesn’t admit guilt.  The company has complied with a _______ order.

A. cease-and-desist C. corrective advertising

B. consent D. self-regulatory


20. Producers of a talk show wish to air an execution of a criminal to generate discussion of

capital punishment. The program isn’t shown, because it violates the standards of the

A. Federal Communications Commission.

B. National Association of Broadcasters.

C. American Association of Advertising Agencies.


D. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

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1. An ad for Ford Motor Company promotes the manufacturer’s “commitment” to designing cleaner, more fuel-efficient vehicles.  This ad is an example of

A. primary demand stimulation.


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