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Chapter 4 discusses four purposes/goals of punishment a judge might consider when imposing a sentence on a convicted individual. In a 2-page essay, discuss those sentencing options ensuring the pros and cons of each goal are discussed. Finally, the student will discuss which goal they believe is the most effective and why.

Students must include a minimum of two references, one being from an outside, non-Grantham source.

Please be very sensitive to the issues of plagiarism! All of the written work submitted must clearly be your own. Keep in mind transcription of material (copying), followed by parenthetical identification of the source with little or no original thought added does not constitute an adequate essay. You are expected to provide some evidence that at least a significant portion of the each essay is your own reaction to, thought about or evaluation of the subject of the essay, composed in your own words. Agreement, disagreement, examples, etc. are appropriate – as long as evidence of some thoughtful and pertinent independent thought, reaction, or response to the term or question is included.

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