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We have pretty well established the fact that the Treaty of Versailles did not promote world peace given the fact that World War II started a short 20 years later. 

What is the purpose of a peace treaty?  We know that at some point most wars come to an end.  In the case of the Hundred Years War, it may take a while to reach the end point; but when a war ends, what do you think the resulting peace treaty is designed to do?

In the case of the Treaty of Versailles, it seems obvious one objective of the treaty was to punish Germany.  Could the treaty have been "packaged" differently in order to promote peace?  Is one purpose of a peace treaty to promote peace?  Should it be?  Or should the treaty be punitive and retributive? 

An adjunct to this question revolves around the justification for war.   Given that historically wars have been and are fought for many different reasons, my question to you is - Is there such a thing as a "just" war? 

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