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Art from India, Southeast Asia and the Islamic World: 
Compare these two works or Art: Bodhisattva Padmapani  - vs  -
Basawan and Chatar Muni, Akbar and the Elephant Hawai

Comparison essay needs to have a strong central statement that explains the main thread of comparison for the two objects.  300 words 
Give identifying information.  Begin a comparison statement.  Explain in one declarative statement what is the thread tying your two images together.  What conclusion can you draw from what you observe or interpret about the works in question based on comparing and contrasting them?
Description: Describe the each of the works briefly, focusing on important details with respect to elements of art and principles of design employed in their creation or production.
Provide supporting evidence for your comparative thesis through discussing and explaining the various similarities and differences you find in the objects. These similarities and differences might be in terms of the stylistic or formal qualities, the media or materials used, the purpose or function of the artwork or artifact, the historical era of origin, the cultural or political context in which the work was produced, and so on.

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