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David and Sarah are married and have two young children. Both David and Sarah have full-time jobs. David is an accountant, and Sarah is a lawyer.

Sarah is working on a tough case at work and often comes home from work in a bad mood. She takes out her frustration on David and the children by yelling and losing patience with them. David concludes that Sarah’s on-the-job stress is affecting her behavior at home.

1). What are some potential sources of stress for Sarah?

2).Which model of work-family conflict do you think best explains what Sarah is experiencing — the spillover model, the compensation model, or the segmentation model?

3). If you were an employer, what types of work-life supports would you offer?

4). Discuss the advantages, risks, and considerations of each work-life support. Provide a summary of coping skills and techniques Sarah may utilize to combat stress and strain.

3 pages with citing in body of work and reference page listed but not included in page count.

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