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One of the greatest challenges of the legal profession involves workplace structures that fail to accommodate a balanced life. Many professionals experience a conflict between work and family and feel it is the greatest barrier to women's advancement in the field. Few female legal professionals are satisfied with the allocations of time between work and personal needs. Women in the legal field are subjected to excessive hours, they meet resistance when to requests for a flexible schedule, and they must constantly deal with client expectations of instant responsiveness. This is further complicated by uneven salaries and workloads, unpredictable deadlines, and the need for frequent travel, all of which contribute to difficulties for those with substantial family obligations.

Prepare a 3-page paper, citing a minimum of two academically verified references, exploring how the relentless work ethic of today's legal profession uniquely affects women and hinders their careers. Explain the benefits to the nation's citizens in having women's influence as attorneys, professors of law, and judges. Describe strategies that women may use to enhance or advance their careers in criminal justice.

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Women in Courtroom
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