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200-300 words- Provide an example of search and seizure. What is the relationship between search, seizure, arrest and reasonableness? Is there a better solution to the way in which the criminal justice system conducts searches, seizures, and arrests? Explain.


200-300 words- What is privacy? What are some distinctions between privacy and privacy laws and how should they be upheld by the criminal justice system? How can you improve the expectation of privacy? Explain.


200-300 words- What is an example of probable cause? What distinctions can be made about the requirements for warrants and probable cause? What are the exceptions to warrant requirements? How do these exceptions affect probable cause? What changes to the elements of issuing warrants and probable cause would you suggest? Explain.


200-300 words- What are automobile search rules? How have the laws and rules of automobile search rules changed in the criminal justice system? What recommendations would you make regarding automobile search rules and laws? Explain.

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CJA 364 Week 3 DQ's 1,2,3 and 4 (***** APA Format + References With Cited *****)
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