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Section I: Short Answer (Use the space provided.)


You are off duty and at home in your first-floor apartment. While there, you overhear a vice officer from your department warning another officer that a search warrant is going to be executed on the officer’s father’s residence and suggests that his father dispose of any paraphernalia that could be used as potential evidence. Ethically, what should you do?


While you are investigating a homicide case as the lead investigator, the victim’s wife tells you that she believes her husband was killed as a result of a large sum of money owed for several kilos of cocaine he received on consignment. She further states that the cocaine was “confiscated” by a patrol officer who stopped the victim and her for a traffic infraction but who just gave them a warning and left with the contraband. Ethically, what should you do?



 You and two of your colleagues clear a lunch break with the dispatcher. Before entering Dave’s Deli, you notice a car parked in a handicapped zone; the car does not have a disability decal on it. You say to your colleagues, “Guys, I’ll be right in. I want to give this joker a ticket.” After placing the ticket on the windshield, you enter Dave’s Deli and enjoy a pleasant lunch. When you finish eating, Dave himself comes over and says, “Gentlemen, lunch is on me. By the way, did one of you give me this parking ticket?” Ethically, what should you do?

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