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  1. Which Dynasty saw the reunification of Egypt and thus brought about the end of the Third Intermediate Period?


Eighteenth Dynasty


Twentieth Dynasty


Twenty-fifth Dynasty


Twenty-seventh Dynasty

  1. Which two stones are considered to be the most popular stones used in Egyptian jewelry?


  1. Select the new features characteristics that were used to depict queens during the Third Intermediate Period, indicating a new ideal of how women should look?


Angular breasts


Rounder thighs


Small narrow hips


Curvy buttocks

  1. This deity, _____________________, was worshipped in Bubastis and was depicted as a cat goddess in the Third Intermediate Period.



  1. Who was Horpakhered, what does he represent, and what is a possible reason for the increase in imagery related to him?
  2. Why did coffin decoration become so elaborate and expansive during the Twenty-first Dynasty?


  1. Twenty-first Dynasty coffins continued the tradition of scenes relating to the daily cycle of the sun and the journey into the underworld. One common scene was the separation of the sky goddess ______________ from the earthy god _____________ during creation.


  1. Which of these was NOT a source for the vignette papyri illustrations developed at the end of the Twenty-first and beginning of the Twenty-second Dynasty?


Book of Gates




Litany of the Ra


Book of the Dead

  1. What was the new decorative surface element introduced to statues during the mid to late Third Intermediate Period?


  1.  The two crowns of Upper and Lower Egypt continued into this time period. Identify the color of the:
    1. Upper Egypt Crown
    2. Lower Egypt Crown


  1.  The crossed hands on anthropoid coffins went out of style under the reign of King _______________ in the Twenty-second Dynasty


  1.  A young child god would be indicated as an infant because he wore a ____________.


Sun Disk


Scarab Crown


Moon Disk




  1.  The __________ beetle is often shown pushing the sun disk out of the underworld.


  1.  What are ‘mummy braces’ or ‘mummy bands’?


  1.  This necklace decoration, and many like it, is distinguished by the blue ___________ used to make it.



  1. The Third Intermediate period is marked by a decline in creativity, used of dull colors, and a decline in artistic standards.




  1.  During the Third Intermediate Period, the it was a requirement that all stelae contain shen-signs, water and wejat-eyes.




  1.  More statues of women were found during this period. What metal was used for casting both male and female statues?
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