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Question 1


What two forms were used to depict the solar deity Ra-Horakhty?

Question 2


During the Amarna period, squares were removed from the grid system to shorten the proportion of the figures.



Question 3


Kings were depicted with a protruding or sagging stomach in the _________________ period of the New Kingdom.

Question 4


Depictions of Osiris and the funerary iconography relating to the journey through the underworld all but disappeared under Akhenaten’s reign.

Why did this occur?

What scenes replaced it?

Question 5


Under the reign of Akhenaten, non-royal tomb depictions of hunting, fishing, and everyday life all but disappeared.



Question 6


The Amarna period introduced the offering scene where the king stands below the sun disk making offerings, and the rays of the sun stream down touching the king with holding the ___________ to his nose.

Question 7


Pharaoh Akhenaten’s chief wife was Queen _________, with whom he had at least three daughter.









Question 8


King Tutankhamun is famous today because of the discovery of his almost intact burial chamber. The typical depiction of the traveling the journey from the sun through underworld was abbreviated.

What was the abbreviation depicted on the west wall of King Tutankhamun’s burial chamber?

What is the likely reason for this untraditional depiction on the west wall?

Question 9


The ____________________________ was the location where many royal tombs were built during the Eighteenth to Twentieth Dynasty.

Question 10


In figure 206 in our text, a painting of a scene with Amun Ra also contains figures of lotus plants, cats, and a Hathor mask. What do each of these icons symbolize?

Question 11


What is the significance and meaning behind the battles scenes so often depicted on temples?


Question 12


Provide the name of this statue, the king depicted, its location and the dynasty it is attributed to.

Question 13


During the reign of Ramses II, illustrations of everyday life in tombs and chapels were phased out. Instead, the decoration is based up on the ___________________________, a collection of funerary texts.

Question 14


In King Sety’s temple, the image of the god Seth is replaced by a hieroglyph associated with Isis. What is this glyph known as?

Question 15


What is the image of and what was its purpose?


Question 16


How is the typical queen crown depicted in this era, such as that worn by Queen Nefertari?


?Refer to Book: The Art Of Ancient Egypt Revised Edition Ch. 9 and 10


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