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1. In the 2009 ARRA Act there were significant dollars pledged by the federal government to assist in the implementation of the electronic medical record and health information systems.  Most of these dollars were pledged under the HITECH portion of the Act.  The HITECH Act has wide implications as it applies to the current as well as future information technology that will be used in the health care environment.  The span of this act goes well beyond an EMR in every doctors office or hospital.  Define the broad context of the HITECH Act.  How do you think the implementation of an EMR will impact the quality as well as the future economics of healthcare? By the way when you do the search you will find a lot of HIPAA references relative to the HITECH Act. That is not the detail that I am seeking.  It was only a side event to the HITECH content.

2. As you have worked in the healthcare environment as well prepared yourself in the MHA program you have probably been able to identify conditions where there is optimal utilization of scarce resources.  Define as well as delineate the scarce resources found in healthcare today.  Also provide examples of where you have seen optimal utilization of scarce healthcare resources.  Since the future of healthcare will be an environment of declining financial resources how will already scarce resources be effectively managed in the future?

Minimum of 600 words EACH question. 

Total of atleast 1200 words 

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