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Discussion 4: Answer all components of this discussion to receive full credit. You must post your original responses as well as engaging in professional conversations with your classmates. Make sure to use and reference all resources used in your post.

 "Beethoven; Romanticism, & Realism" Please respond to the following:

  1. Listen to one (1) composition (i.e., for a symphony) by Beethoven, a transitional figure between classical and romantic music. Identify the composition that you listened to, and determine whether you would characterize the chosen composition as either the Classical or Romantic style of music. Explain the key features that lead you to your conclusion. (look in your week 4 music/explore folder)

  2. Select one (1) example of a literary work or a work of visual art from the 1800-either Romantic or Realist in style—that responds in some way to the Industrial Revolution. Explain how this work captures the essence of Romanticism/Realism.  

  3. How do both Romanticism and Realism serve the same purpose? (Look to the instructor insights folder for help)

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