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Discussion 3: Answer all components of this discussion to receive full credit. You must post your original responses as well as engaging in professional conversations with your classmates. Make sure to use and reference all resources used in your post.

"The Rococo Enlightenment & Classical Music" 

  1. Comparre the varying tastes of the Philospohes and French Courtiers. What conflicts or awkwardness may have arisen in their interactions at the salons? (A graphic organizer in your instructor insights will help you)
  2. Listen to one (1) composition (for a symphony) by Haydn or Mozart, in this week's Music Folder. Identify the work that you have chosen, and describe the way in which the composition expresses the specific qualities of the Classical music style. Use the key terms from the textbook that are related to that particular music style, and explain what you like or admire about the work. 
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