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APA style

Atleast 4 references

Min. of 2000 words


Starter questions for this week include the following: 

  1. Why is a balance sheet considered a point-in-time statement?
  2. What is a fiscal year?
  3. What does an accountant mean by short-term?
  4. What is the difference between paid-in capital and retained earnings?
  5. What does the income statement demonstrate for the organization?
  6. What GAAP dominates the issue of asset valuation?
  7. What is the difference between net realizable value and replacement cost?
  8. How does a health care provider indicate the obligation of providing care under a managed care contract that has been paid in advance?
  9. In a publicly traded organization, does the valuation of owners equity represent the worth of the organization to its owners? Explain.
  10. How does accounting information apply to strategic planning and budgets?
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