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“High Performance and the Choices Managers Make" Please respond to the following:

·         As a HR manager, provide an example of an organization you worked for or familiar with and explain how the organization maintained a high performance work system. Justify your response.

·         From the scenario and the e-Activity, suggest two (2) actions you can take in order to contribute to high performance within your company. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3hewr9_zn4) Provide support for your response.

“Transfer It" Please respond to the following:

·         You have now completed HRM 500! In your own words, explain the importance of HRM to any organization then determine a HRM function that interest you as a future career. Explain your rationale.

·         Explore the Society of Human Resource Management website http://www.shrm.org/pages/default.aspx, explain the importance of receiving a student membership. Then, provide one (1) HR certification that will enhance your future career choice. Justify your response.

"Want to attract qualified workers?":

·         https://www.kaltura.com/index.php/extwidget/preview/partner_id/956951/uiconf_id/24290031/entry_id/1_dw6fkt8o/embed/iframe?&flashvars[streamerType]=auto

·         Use the Internet to explore the website of one (1) company that has an online application process. Next, critique the online application process and site design to determine whether it would encourage or discourage job seekers to apply. Suggest two (2) recommendations to increase the site’s appeal to job seekers. Include the URL for the website that you selected.

"But when will I ever use this?"  Please respond to the following:

·         Rate the three (3) most important concepts that you learned in this course in order of importance (one [1] being the most important). Provide a rationale for your response. Determine ways you plan to apply what you learned in this course to your current or future position.

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