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To complete the course project, you must create a complete stand-alone Web site. The site must contain between 6 and 10 pages, displaying at least three levels of information. You can choose your own content. The site will be evaluated for cohesiveness, accessibility, and design. The project should contain the following components:

1. Site Specification – Create a site specification. Make sure to include a mission statement. Determine how you will measure the site’s success in meeting its goals. Include a description of the intended audience. Describe how you will assess user satisfaction with the site. Include technological issues that may influence the site’s development or function.

2. Flowchart and Structure Documentation – Prepare a detailed flowchart for your site. Create a filename for each page that matches the ISO 9660 standard. Indicate all links between pages. Write a short summary that describes the flowchart and describe why you chose the particular structure, how it suits your content, and how it benefits the user.

3. CSS - Determine how you can implement Cascading Style Sheets into your project. Explain how you will use CSS in creating your Web site.

4. Create your site and include the following where appropriate: CSS, tables, forms, graphics, and box elements.

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