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To complete:

  • Create a class called “BubbleStorage”.
    • Internally use a “vector” from the STL to store the data.
    • Write a method that will add data to the vector.
    • Write a method that will display the in the array (use an iterator to access each element)
  • Write a Max method that will sort the internal vector by using a "Bubble Sort" algorithm and sort with largest value first .
  • Write a Min method that will sort the internal array using a Bubble sort with the smallest value first.


  • In the “main” of your program         
    • Call rand() to get a number between 25 and 75
    • Add that many numbers to the BubbleStorage class
    • Print out the array that is stored by overloading the "<<" operator for your class. (Your code should be Example: cout << bublesort << endl;)
    • Print out the array both max sorted and min sorted.

Note:  How much easier it is to use a Vector.   Notice that you did not need to know the size of the array before using or declaring it.


I need source code, the C++ exe file, and a screenshot! Thanks!

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Bubble sort (2 source code) for different compiler
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Vectors C++ assignment: code, execute and screenshot
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