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This paper is about the current US economy

Select two or more news articles related to the current level of interest rates, and analyze the issue using the economic concepts and theory learned in this class. Develop a 4 to 5 page double-spaced paper that advocates a position on whether there is danger to the economy in the current low level of interest rates. Title page, appendices and bibliography are not to be counted in the page total for the narrative portion of the paper. Your paper should begin with a concise summary paragraph that (1) states the issue and (2) summarizes your position. The remainder of the paper should support and explain your position. The paper should include at least one graph related to the topic and define all economic concepts used to build your argument. 

The Economist magazine has had a number of good articles on interest rates in the past few months, including some excellent articles on negative interest rates in February 2015.  Do a search on "The Economist" and negative interest rates to find them  You do not have to use articles from that magazine, but the articles you choose should discuss the issue in some depth that requires understanding of economic concepts beyond the knowledge of the general public.  I would like to see you use at least two articles, particularly if you can find some with contrasting views on the issue. Must have at least 5 reputable sources. Make sure you properly cite all sources used.

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