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This week, you will submit your final applied research project. Your project should consist of final, revised versions of the following:

  1. Introduction and revised problem statement.
  2. Literature review (revised from your LS698 Unit 1 Assignment).
  3. Plan for your problem-solving program implementation that addresses target and sample populations.
  4. Plans for collection, interpretation, and analysis of primary and/or secondary qualitative and quantitative data.
  5. Plan for your evaluation of the potential success of your program implementation plan and discussion of ethical and policy considerations.
  6. Conclusion to your applied research proposal, which should present your final observations, identify potential shortcomings in the research methods, and note any further questions for consideration.

Your final research proposal will typically be at least 25 pages, although page lengths will vary. The proposal should begin with an introduction that summarizes and outlines the major parts of the proposal. It should end with a conclusion that summarizes the major points made in the proposal. You will want to include a table of contents and a list of references. An abstract is useful although not required. Please be sure to also include the sections below.

  1. The problem statement:Remember that a good problem statement clearly identifies a problem that needs resolution. It is usually 2–3 pages in length. You submitted your original problem statement in LS504 and revised it in Unit 1 of this course.
  2. The literature review:Again, a literature review is a summary of previous research on a topic. Your final literature review should include at least 10 credible sources (e.g., government research reports, academic journal articles, legal cases, credible news articles). These reviews are often up to 10–15 pages. You submitted your original literature review in LS504 and revised it in Unit 1 of this course.
  3. The problem-solving plan: As you will recall, the problem-solving plan (your intervention) is a specific solution to the problem you have identified. It may be a policy, program, or procedure that will improve or resolve the problem. This plan is usually 2–3 pages. You submitted your original problem-solving plan in LS504 and revised it in Unit 2 of this course.
  4. The research methodology: In this section of your research proposal, you should describe your overall research strategy and type of study. You should outline the major variables in the study and describe how you will measure these variables. You should describe your target population and sampling strategy. Finally, you should specify at least three data collection techniques that can represent a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods and describe the collection modes (primary or secondary) and ethical considerations that might apply. Do not forget to describe how you will analyze the data collected and how the project will impact public or corporate policy development. You submitted different parts of this methodology throughout this course, including a description of your primary and secondary data (Unit 4), and a discussion of the qualitative and quantitative data collection plans (Unit 6). You considered how the data will be analyzed and interpreted in Unit 7 as well as policy application of the proposed research.
  5. The Evaluation Plan:This section covers your research evaluation plan, how you will determine if the intervention plan you propose will be successful, and identification of any challenges anticipated for your research (Unit 8). You also want to discuss how your research might impact environmental policy setting and at what level (local, state, and/or federal) potential shifts in policy could positively impact your environmental problem.
  6. The conclusion: In this final section of your proposal, you want to provide a short summary of your research proposal, cover the anticipated results, identify any shortcomings of your methodology, and note additional research that may be needed to fully resolve the environmental problem. You should also make sure to:
    • Include a title page with full name, class name, section number, and date.
    • Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard American English.
    • Cite all sources on a separate reference page at the end of your projects and cited within the body of your work using APA format.

The Assignment is due at the end of Unit 9.

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