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Review World Abortion Laws Map created by Center for Reproductive Rights athttp://worldabortionlaws.com/map/.

Consider How Abortion is Regulated Around the World and the applicability of U.S. historical cases such as United States v. Vuitch and Roe v. Wade (especially, Roe v. Wade being applicable to many issues pertaining to cohabitation, right to rear a child, consensual acts among adult, etc.) among other cases that followed.

How Abortion is Regulated around the World: Pew Research Center. Retrieved fromhttp://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2015/10/06/how-abortion-is-regulated-around-the-world/.

Then, answer the following:

In comparison to other countries’ laws on abortion, has the applicability of Roe v. Wade been stretched too far or not enough? How? Why?

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