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In Unit 7, you have read about ways of interpreting and analyzing quantitative data. Please provide specific answers to the following questions; as you answer them, consider how you would analyze the data collected for your Project.

  1. In general, how and why would calculating the standard deviation for the spread of a range of numbers be useful? Provide a specific example of how determining the standard deviation among a set of quantitative data collected for your project would provide you with useful information. (If there would truly be no benefit to calculating the standard deviation for any of your sets of data, please explain specifically why that is the case.)
  2. Explain how cross-tabulation of categorical variables can be used to communicate one’s research successfully. Can you envision cross-tabulation being a useful way to describe relationships among categorical variables in your research? Explain why or why not.

Please provide an example of why you might need to show correlation between variables in the quantitative data that you would collect for your project.

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Unit 7 Discussion 1
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