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Why are fossil fuels our most prevalent source of energy today? How are fossil fuels formed? Why are they considered nonrenewable?

Describe three ways in which we are now extending our reach for fossil fuels. List several impacts (positive or negative) that these actions might have

In what ways did the events at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima Daiichi differ? What consequences resulted from each incident? Now list several concerns about the disposal of radioactive waste. What has been done so far about its disposal?

What proportion of our energy today comes from renewable sources? What is the most prevalent form of renewable energy we use? What form of renewable energy is most used to generate electricity?

What factors are causing renewable energy use to expand? Which two renewable sources are experiencing the most rapid growth?

List five sources of bioenergy. What is the world’s most used source of bioenergy? Describe two potential benefits and two potential drawbacks of bioenergy

How is hydrogen fuel produced? Is this a clean process? What factors determine the amount of pollutants hydrogen production will emit?


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