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Who keeps the Engagement Ring?

The Facts:

  • Alex ("A") proposes marriage to Barbara ("B")
  • B accepts
  • A gives B an engagement ring
  • After 6 months A and B get tired of each other
  • The engagement is broken off

Who keeps the ring?

  1. Post your answer and explanation. Use principles you have learned in my Lecture and Text. This is not based on your opinion alone; your conclusion MUST have a basis in the Law, therefore: YOU MUST refer to the Law and legal principles (say which one(s) and where you found them PRECISELY ("in the Textbook" is not good enough)
  2. Comment on a classmate postings.  AGAIN - make reference to the legal principles you have learned in my Lectures, the Text and/or web based resources. YOU MUST SUPPORT YOUR ANSWER BY REFERRING TO ANY OF THESE RESOURCES; AN UNSUPPORTED ANSWER = AN AUTOMATIC "F".  Note: I am not looking for the correct answer (this is NOT Law School)... I just want a coherent answer. Do your best, make an honest effort.


web links: http://scholar.google.com/scholar_case?case=14010883517992816574&hl=en&as_sdt=2&as_vis=1&oi=scholarr





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