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Unit 5 Chapter 10 Discussion- Get Outside!
Okay- we are passed the halfway point of the course and you all have developed a strong background in environmental science. It is time to get outside and put it to good use! What I would like you each to do is (1) get off your bum, (2) step away from the computer, and (3) head out into your backyard, local public park or anywhere you have access to where there is a water resource (streams, lakes, ponds, oceans, etc.). Take a good look at how the water flows through, over, and below the ground. Look for the following: overland flow (i.e. runoff) after rain storms, the conversion of two streams together, small streams joining rivers, water seeping out of the ground into streams, streams flowing into and out of lakes or ponds, wells, dams, waterfalls, etc. Once you have a good idea of how the water around you is flowing, look around for any potential sources of pollution (agricultural byproducts, pesticides in lawns, storage drums, septic tanks, soil erosion, industry, etc.) Use this discussion board to tell the class about your experience. Tell us where you walked, what types of waterways you saw, and the potentials pollutants around you.



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Unit 5.2 DB: Get Outside
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