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For this written Assignment, you will write a 3–4-paper that discusses the type of research study you will conduct, what primary data will be collected, types of secondary data you will source, methods of data collection you would use, and the kind of descriptive statistics you will need to utilize in your data collection plan.

  1. Based upon the Reading and Discussion in Units 3 and 4, address the types of variables you will be using, whether the data needed is primary or secondary, the methods of data collection that are appropriate, and how you will design the study to ensure internal validity with unambiguous evidence of cause and effect.
  2. You will also address the types of descriptive statistics you might use to generate inferential statistics.
  3. Discuss any public and/or corporate policy ramifications of your proposed research and how that might affect your choice of data or collection modes.
  4. Provide a timeline for the research effort that accommodates the data collection needs and ensures the integrity of casual relationships.
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Unit 4 Assignment
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