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 Below are four brief descriptions of data collection needs. Please identify whether the data you will need is primary or secondary data and describe how you would collect the primary data. After reading the pages from Chapter 15, explain the type of study, natural or quasi experimental, that you would recommend to address the research needs described in each of the four scenarios.

  1. You are conducting a study to determine how a ride-share program offered by your local government could be improved, and you want to determine the general attitude of the affected population towards ride sharing to see if policy changes are needed.
  2. You are working on a study of a town that was recently severely damaged by tornadoes, and you need to determine how residents who lost their homes or suffered serious property damage rank the government’s response to the situation.
  3. While conducting an applied research project on the public perception of the legal duty of the city to ensure a safe public water system, the city and you want to study the written comments and suggestions solicited from the public that are collected in a Dropbox next to the educational display.
  4. You are conducting a study of the way animals are treated by the staff of a local zoo. You need to witness the treatment of the animals in an unobtrusive way to make recommendations for establishing a set of best practices.
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Unit 3 Discussion 1
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