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In this Assignment, you will present the problem statement you have selected for the applied research Assignment that you will work on throughout this course and in LS698. As you refine your problem statement, consider the feedback that you received in the Discussions in Units 2 and 3, as well as on your Unit 2 Assignment.

  1. In your Assignment, clearly state the problem and why there is a need for a resolution to the problem. What group/population/community is involved? Explain briefly why this is a problem that an individual researcher could reasonably tackle and what results you could reasonably expect from your efforts. This part of the Assignment should be approximately 1 paragraph long.
  2. In a few additional sentences, explain your theory of causation regarding the problem. In other words, what factors are causing the problematic effect(s) that you wish to solve/alleviate with your Assignment? (See page 26 in your textbook Research Methods in Practice for the explanation that “a theory provides a causal story of how things happen.”) In your discussion, indicate very briefly whether your preliminary research has shown that there has been scholarly research conducted regarding this problem.
  3. For the second part of your Assignment, you should explain your proposed solution to the problem: What is your basic problem-solving plan and how might it be effective in helping to solve/alleviate the problem you have identified? This part of your Assignment should be approximately 1–2 paragraphs.
  4. As you work on this component of the Assignment, consider whether drafting a logic model for your own purposes would be helpful. Note the explanation on page 39 of your textbook that “A logic model’s purpose is to communicate the underlying ‘theory’ or set of assumptions or hypotheses that program proponents have about why the program will work, or about why it is a good solution to an identified problem.” Note that if you do draft a logic model, it should be for your own use; it will not be submitted as part of this Assignment.

You are not required to use any sources for this Assignment, but if you do use any words, ideas, or information from any sources, you must use APA citations to document your sources. You must include both in-text citations and a references page to fully document each source that you use.

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