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In this unit, you were asked to read the article “The In?uence of Amicus Curiae Briefs on U.S. Supreme Court Opinion Content” available through the Library. This article investigates fundamental questions about the ability of interest groups to shape public policy by examining the in?uence of amicus curiae briefs on U.S. Supreme Court majority opinion content. After reading the article and reviewing your notes from LS504, please answer the following questions:

  1. Did you learn any techniques or discover any important considerations regarding the use of applied research data?
  2. What are the specific ethical, political, and procedural challenges that you would expect to face with the implementation of your applied research project? For example, what challenges might you encounter regarding accuracy and bias regarding the population samples with which you would work? Are there any ethical or political considerations that will impact your research?
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Unit 2 Discussion 1
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