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qyestion 1:We know that evolution produces species diversity.  Please use the internet to research a species of your interest. Describe how the species lives/lived/became extinct, and why-in regards to its ecological niche and it's role in the environment. Should be 1-2 pages.

Ch 4: Seeking Solutions questions 1 and 4

question2: Suppose you spot two species of birds feeding side by side, eating seeds from the same plant. You begin to wonder whether competition is at work. Describe how you might design scientific research to address this question. What observations would you try to make at the outset? Would you try to manipulate the system to test your hypothesis that the two birds are competing? If so, how?

question3:Why do scientists consider invasive species to be a problem? What makes a species “invasive,” and what impacts can invasive species have? Give examples.


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Evolution and Invasive Species
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