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For the Unit 1 Discussion, please remind your classmates and instructor of your project topic and the problem which you are focusing on by presenting a brief recap of your problem statement and problem solving or intervention plan that you developed in LS504.

This unit’s reading from Research Methods in Practice deals with population samples in research. In this Discussion, please answer the following questions regarding the population which you are focusing on for your applied research project. Be as specific as possible and use as much of the applicable terminology from Chapter 5 and the interactive Learning Activities as you can.

  1. What is the population of interest for your applied research project?
  2. How will you (or did you) select your population sample (the group that you will observe, survey, interview, etc.) for your research?
  3. How will you work to achieve accuracy and to avoid bias in the research that you would conduct with this population?
  4. How large does your sample need to be and why?
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Research method on children’s rights
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Unit 1 Discussion Solution
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