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  1. Individual Assignment: Spanish Conquest Map Presentation
  • Create a 6- to 8-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that addresses following:
  • The motivations for Spain’s explorations in to the West
  • Identify two events that contributed to the rise of Spain as a superpower
  • The result of the attack on England and the destruction of the Spanish Armada
  • Explain why you chose each image and/or line of text in the speaker notes.  As you will not be “presenting” your final PowerPoint to the class, the speaker’s notes are crucial to helping your reader understand your rational for including the information that you put on your slides.
  • Your slides should represent a good balance of both text and pictures.
  • Text on a PowerPoint should be no smaller than 30pt.
  • Include at least three references on the final slide as part of a bibliography to support your results and conclusions. Only one of your sources can be from an outside website. The other two sources must be articles downloaded from one of the many online reference archives provided through the Phoenix Online Library.  You are allowed to use actual books instead of web-based articles for any of the sources.
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