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Choose 5 questions to answer from the selection below. Each response must be at least 120 words in length. Make sure to identify the topic you select before each response.


  1. All in the Family: Why is the character of Michael Stivic created to be so annoying? Discuss Michael’s relationship with his father-in-law.


2.  Good Times: How is JJ different from his siblings?

3.  Good Times: What role Florida Evans represent in this program? What are her duties? What are her limitations?


4.  All in the Family and Good Times: Describe the visual scheme of these two programs? In other words, what do they look like?


 5. Roseanne: What is Roseanne’s normal defense mechanism when things don’t go her way?

6.  Roseanne: How is factory depicted?

7.   Roseanne: Why don’t Roseanne plan for the future?


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