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Disruptive Technology Case

Read the Waverider Communications case and the Ecton, Inc. cases. (Please find attached PDF file)

Select one of these cases as the basis of your paper.

Write a 750- to 1,000-word paper explaining the extent to which the technology is potentially disruptive by answering the following questions:

- What technology or innovation was introduced in the case?

- Would demanding customers consider the innovation’s performance to be inadequate?

- Would a different customer group be delighted to use the innovation - despite its limitations - because it allows them to do something that they couldn’t do effectively or affordably in the past?

- To what degree is the technology presented in the case potentially disruptive?

- Can it fit Christensen’s model? If so, which of Christensen’s recommendations make sense to apply to the situation presented in the case?

- How can the company position its technology to be most disruptive? What recommendations do you have for Waverider or Ecton to best take advantage of the disruptive characteristics?

- What techniques might be applied to promote continued innovation at the firm as research becomes available with respect to the market for its product? Take these general recommendations and provide specific recommendations for each company to move forward.

Include a minimum of two University Library references.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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