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Hi there! Basically, the project is to think of something you are interested in, be it: biology, physical science, social science, finance, sports, engineering, daily life, government, whatever. All of these subjects lead to time series data and in many cases the data are available quite directly via internet search engines, eg. Google. 

The following are the instructions from my professor (and the attachements are some sample paper) :

Using the statistical package R complete the following analyses, minimally.

1. Graph the data.

2. Detrend as appears necessary.

3. Carry out both a time-side analysis and a frequency-side analysis or a hybrid.

4. Check the assumptions. If a time-side model has been fit then a periodogram of the residuals can be helpful.

5. Draw conclusions/make inferences, stating the final model clearly.

6. Remember to include statistical uncertainties going along with the estimates.

The Paper

a) Have title and sections: Introduction, the Data, …, Conclusions, References

b) Describe the data and source.

c) Start with “The scientific question motivating my work is … .”

d) For each of the analyses discuss the results. Do not simply cut-and-paste computer output. Highlight your final models.

e) Include pertinent figures and programs.

f) End with “The answer to my question is …”

g) Include pertinent figures and programs.

h) Have the write up at most 10 pages long, typed, point size 12, double-spaced, margins 1”. Figures are to be included in those 10 pages. 

i) Include the R code after page 10.

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