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Virtuous Acts

People who advocate virtue ethics often draw a distinction between what it means to be a virtuous human being and what it means to be virtuous within one of the many roles that we play in our lives (parents, employees, employers, soldiers, politicians). The first, the virtuous human, is the more general kind of virtuous person and is supposed to capture those character traits that all humans should have. The second is narrower and reflects the fact that some of the roles we play have specific demands and require specific kinds of abilities.

With this in mind, what kinds of virtues and character traits do you believe that all humans should have? After answering this, consider the more narrow set of virtues associated with being a politician or a business person. Presumably there are a set of character traits that are consistent with the broader human virtues that a politician or a business person must have in order to be a virtuous politician or business person. Use the person of Cephalus from Plato's Republic as a foundation of your post.

  • What are these virtues of both a private and a public life?
  • How do you understand the character of Cephalus as exemplifying these virtues?
  • What should we expect of those who hold public office?

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