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  • Prepare a 3 to 5 page paper discussing what conclusions you can reach on the importance of team preparation and member selection to the “Define” stage, and eventual success of Six Sigma projects, such as the PIVOT project.
  • How did the roles of the PIVOT team members, described in the case, potentially contribute knowledge or skill necessary to carry out each state of the DMAIC process? Hint: Refer back to the team member roles and responsibilities in Chapter 6, Table 6.1.
  • What factors do you think weighed in the decision to include the $280,000 “anomaly” in the project justification? If you were the project champion, how would you assess this justification in deciding on whether the project was significant enough to move forward?

Use APA format – to include a cover page and reference page (not included in the 3-5 pages), introduction and conclusion paragraphs, and at least 2 references, one of those references should be your book. Be sure to cite your work.

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