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  • Prepare a 3 to 5 page paper as if you were Jennifer discussing what “Talking Points” you would prepare and present fo support your case. Include both the strengths and limitations of telecommuting. Keep in mind the needs of your “customers,” the human resources VP, as well as, Sarah, and the VP of operations.
  • What issues do you think the VP of human resources might raise/have? What issues do you think the Senior VP of operations might raise/have?
  • How does your answer demonstrate the principles of empowerment? How might it fit the components of the Hackman-Oldham Job Characteristics model?

Use APA format – to include a cover page and reference page (not included in the 3-5 pages), introduction and conclusion paragraphs, and at least 2 references, one of those references should be your book. Be sure to cite your work.

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