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1.  Objective.  An Information Paper provides facts in a clear and concise format.  It is normally a one-page discussion of facts, plus opinions, suggestions, arguments, or matters needing resolution.  As a HR NCO, you are expected to get all relevant, important information, select the most important parts, arrange it in a clear and concise manner, and provide information tailored for your audience. 

2.  Instructions.Write an Information Paper explaining the criticality of HR Information Systems.  You are preparing the Information Paper for your brigade command team and staff.  As with all means of communicating information, identifying and understanding your audience is an essential element for successfully delivering your message.  The paper must be one page in length, prepared as an informal memorandum using Arial font, 12pt.

3.You must do your own original work.Keep in mind, “cutting and pasting” is not enough here and unacceptable.  The ALC Written Communication Rubrics will be used to assess how effectively you present the information. 

4.  References:

a. AR 25-50, Preparing and Managing Correspondence

b.DA Memo 25-52, Staff Action Process and Correspondence Policies

c. AG School Effective Writing Handbook

d. FM 1-0

e. Attached Student Handout

FYI  This should not discuss civilian HR systems.  It should discuss miliary HR systems as detailed in FM 1-0 and the attached student handout.

I have provided a template as well.

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Criticality of HR information systems
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