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Please help with this assignment.

Department of Homeland Security was created hoping to help leverage federal, state, and local police agencies; intelligence and immigration agencies to work together to stop threats of terrorism or to confront a terrorist attacks in the Unisted States.  These threats bring concern of legislatures in the Congress to think about the US in combining all police agencies under one national police organization.  This centralized power would help stop the disrupted nature of the 3 levels of government of the police and help provide clear understanding of how to  police terrorism acts and general crime as well.  Question 1.  Should the United States combine all police agencies into one national police orginization?  Why or why not? Question 2.  If I consolidate the police, would I have to do the same for the criminal justice system?  How would I create, establish and monitor the police organization?  Question 3.  Do you believe that the establishment of terrorism as a crime that can be committed domestically has changed community policing?  How? Why? and provide 2 examples.  Please see attached template to use.   Reference page please.


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Terrorism Against U.S
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