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Your company is in the process of updating its networks. In preparation for the upgrade, your CEO

has requested that you write a white paper (search term: White paper template) explaining the

various telecommunication technologies. Begin by explaining basic telecommunication channel

characteristics (minimum 5). Next discuss at least three network types (for example: Local Area

Network/LAN). Then differentiate between client/server networks and peer to peer networks.

Finally, recommend a network type and identify and describe three types of telecommunications

hardware that will be required to set up this network. Conclude by explaining three things the

company can do to secure their network.


original work with references. please make this simpe as if you were directing it to a business ceo. it doesnt have to be in form of research.dont just answer the questions directly but explain why as if you are the come to person. betwwn 3-5 pages double spaced if that

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